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Part 2 - Taking the leap

  In Feb 2015 I experienced the worst breakdown, my body was falling apart & I felt like the biggest disappointment for abandoning this mega family  holiday to where I was born. I had always hasseled my family for a holiday & here I was aborting at the last minute.  I couldn’t face my demons and risk them all seeing me have multiple melt downs & my fear of flying had also gotten worse. Only my husband knew this side of me. Even though I’d flown to so many places before (Europe, hello Coachella 2014) I couldn’t fathom getting on a plane feeling this way. A couple of days before flying out I pulled out. I was exhausted from sleepless...

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Part One - Darkness before the Light

This one has been one of the hardest stories to share to date & one that has taken me a long time to get to. Before I jump in I thought I’d introduce myself to any newbies. My name is Alevy (pronounced Ah-Levy) & I’m the creative, collector, curator & boss-lady behind The Simple Collection. This journey began in 2015 as part of my own healing, discovering & desire to create my own business but was too terrified to begin.  I’m 32, passionate, happy, kind, loyal, super chatty although shy when you meet me kinda gal. I’m all about self-love, self care, compassion, alignment over hustle, positive light, gratitude crusader, being authentically you (although I wish there was another word...

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