St Johns Wort

St Johns Wort

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Welcome lovelies to a new addition and collection to the shop that I am excited to share with you. 

Whether you are new, experienced, curious or just want to get creative with some DIY projects I will be sharing with you some basic tools and herbs for your own journey. Many of which you can find easily in your home and that I use or am ethically sourcing for your own purposes.

These are all put together in a cleansed and grounded space. 

Organic St John’s Wort - Masculine 

  • Protection
  • Healing
  • Anti-depressant 
  • Banishing   
  • Wards of negative energies  
  • Divination 
  • Happiness  

Each bag contains 4grams.

How to use them 

  • Any way you want! 🌿
  • Make your own incense blends 
  • Herbal blends 
  • Infused Oils
  • Crafting - Add them to any ritual or spell work (strengthen spells, protective charms)
  • Jars Spells, Shaker Jars 
  • Spell pouches / bags / Mojo Bags
  • Get creative and make your own herb candles with a sprinkle of these herbs 
  • Add them to a small trinket bowl on your Altar and place a small tumbled stone.

The choices are endless, never stop creating lovelies.


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