Spirit Quartz
Spirit Quartz
Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz

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Ranging from white, yellowish brown, lavender/lilac, purple, to grey brown this mystical beauty is a real stunner. Spirit Quartz is a variety of Amethyst that only originates from a small area of South Africa, making this little beauty a rare specimen. The colour on these are natural forming and not man enhanced.

Amongst an array of properties Spirit Quartz strong vibration and energy will radiate light in all areas of life. Known to fill your life with energies of universal love, these crystals can increase your awareness about the cycles of life and support your efforts that will benefit the greater good.

Crystal Properties

  • Master healer particularly with detoxification and pregnancy
  • Connect you to the spirit realm
  • Uplifting and Inspiring 
  • Guidance and spiritual growth
  • Awareness and clarity 
  • Enhances compassion and generosity

Origin: South Africa
Chakra: Crown; 3rd Eye

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