Palo Santo
Palo Santo

Palo Santo

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Cleanse your environment or objects energetically of negative energy with some a Palo Santo smoke.

Palo Santo, Holy wood. The sacred ritual of burning Palo Santo is said to have wonderful healing and clearing properties. It is also another great option for cleansing your Crystals, your surrounds and yourself. Unlike Sage which cleanses all energy, Palo Santo is said to cleanse negative energy & keep all the good vibes.

How to use your Palo Santo.

Light the end of the stick 

  • Let it burn for a bit & then gentle blow it out
  • Smoke should follow - Use this smoke to cleanse your sacred space, around yourself and the Crystals.
  • To snuff it out use a shell or dip in either sand or salt
  • Reuse when needed

Please note that these Palo Santo Sticks are certified sustainably harvested in Ecuador. 

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