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Welcome lovelies to a new addition and collection to the shop that I am excited to share with you.

Over the recent months I have connected with so many of you & shared my love for rituals, practices also spellwork that still remains a private part. 

Whether you are new, experienced, curious or just want to get creative with some DIY projects I will be sharing with you some basic tools and herbs for your own journey. Many of which you can find easily in your home and that I use or am ethically sourcing for your own purposes.

These are all put together in a cleansed and grounded space. 

Organic Mugwort - Artemisia Vulgaris

  • Protection
  • Purification  
  • Divination 
  • Blessings
  • Banishing 
  • Dream work
  • Enhances Psychic Abilities  

How to use them 

  • Any way you want! 🌿
  • Yes! I am safe to drink (Food grade - please check other florals or herbs to see if they’re safe to drink) DO NOT Drink if you are pregnant. 
  • Make your own incense 
  • Herbal blends 
  • Infused Oils
  • Add them to any ritual or spell work (Protection, Purification)
  • Jars Spells, Shaker Jars 
  • Spell pouches / bags / Mojos (protection Mojos)
  • Get creative and make your own herb candles
  • Use as a Love Talisman 
  • Place in a small dish when doing Divination works 
  • Add them to a small trinket bowl on your Altar

The choices are endless lovelies 

When it comes to herbs and botanicals we recommend you do your own research too. Keep away from children and please do not drink if you are pregnant.  



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