Crystal Sets - Anxiety & Stress
Crystal Sets - Anxiety & Stress

Crystal Sets - Anxiety & Stress

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These Crystals have been selected and curated for their energy and natural programming to aid and support with anxiety and stress.

1x Amethyst - calming, aids with anxiety & sleep.

1x Black Tourmaline - powerful against anxiety & panic attacks, protection against negative energy & thoughts.

1x Lepidolite - stress relieving stone, brings calm & balance during times of stress. Contains Lithium properties 

1x White Howlite - Ultra calming & aids with stress, promotes calming sleep. 

To get the most out of your Crystals connect with them, carry them with you, mediate or place next to your bedside. Set your intentions by holding them and taking a deep breath and  for example “I will work with these Crystals to keep calm”. 


Please keep these Crystals away from children under the age of 3. 

Each Crystal set has picked for their energy, natural programming and combinations researched. Each and every Crystal has a unique vibrational energy that we can tune into to use for support. Please note Crystals should not replace or be used alternatively to any medical advice or therapies but rather with them for support.

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