Candle Magick
Candle Magick
Candle Magick
Candle Magick
Candle Magick
Candle Magick
Candle Magick
Candle Magick

Candle Magick

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So excited to bring you another tool for you to use on your Spiritual Journey. These coloured candle are perfect too keep you creating, crafting, manifesting and attracting. Use them for your Rituals, Meditation, to bring in cerraron energies like Abundance, Love and Protection, Spell work or Candle Magick. 

  • Decoration
  • DIY projects 
  • Ambiance 
  • For stress relief 
  • Rituals
  • Altars
  • Spell Work 
  • Candle Magick

Details: 10cm x 1cm   90min burn time 

Ethically Sourced, Hand made candles made from Vegetable Seratin & Natural Dyes. Some colour may vary slightly. 

Each Candle Colour correlates to a different energy frequency. Whether you simply wish to decorate with these, draw in that particular energy or use them in spell work the options are endless. Below are some Colour references and meanings commonly used from various traditions. 

Candle Colour meaning: 

White - Protection, Cleansing, Purity, Brings Light, New Beginnings, Divination, Connect with Spirit, Protection, Lunar Energy, Moon Rituals, Goddess Energy, Spiritual growth.

Purple - Spiritual work, meditation, higher self, Third Eye, Divination, Wisdom, Knowledge, Power, Wishes, when doing Psychic work 

Red - Passion, Love, Sex, Sexuality, Power, Strength, 

Pink - Self-Love, Love, Friendship, Compassion, Joy, Happiness, Emotional Healing, Well-being, Sensuality, Forgiveness 

Blue - Peace, Serenity, Patience, Ocean Magic, Emotional Healing

Navy Blue - Clarity, Communication, Truth, Peace, Justice, 

Green - Prosperity, Abundance, Success, Money, Luck, Fertility, Health, Growth

Mint Green - Luck, Abundance, Growth, Health, Workings with Nature, Green Witchery

Yellow - Focus, studies, inspiration, Creativity, new ideas, business, Clarity 

Black - Protection, Banishing, Binding, Banishing negativity and cleansing negativity.

Orange - Energy, Ambition, New beginnings, Healing, Success, Business, Get things Going, Celebration. Used for the New Year & Samhain Celebration. 

NOTE: Please practice safety when using and lighting candles. Never leave a burning Candle unattended, keep away from children, pets and drafty areas. 

You will receive one coloured candle per selection or a set of all the current available candles (12).



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