New Moon Magic

The New Moon is upon us lovelies and it’s time to share with you some of the benefits we can tap into during this time in the Moon Cycle.

If you follow the Moon Cycle, you would be familiar that we get a New Moon and a Full Moon once a month. Occasionally, we’ll experience an extra one in a month, hence the term ‘Once in a Blue Moon’. A New Moon is like starting afresh, a blank page. It is also known as the ‘Manifesting Moon’, an ideal time to essentially set your intensions, goals and manifest the things we desire. It’s a powerful time to tap into sources energy & something worth trying whether you’re open to it or trying to open yourself up to new ideas and experiences.

My personal New Moon ritual practice has been adopted by taking bits & pieces that resonated with me from my own research, various books and blog posts. I’ve been doing these for the past two years and has become an integral part in keeping me aligned, inspired and attracting all the goodness  into my life. So take whatever you feel drawn to below and in time you’ll come up with your own.

Cleanse + Smudge

Cleanse your space and remove all that is not welcomed. Bless it with love & light. I use the smoke of White Sage or Palo Santo around our home.

I might cleanse my crystals during this time if needed but as there is no visible Moon light during a New Moon I won’t charge them at this time.

Create A Space

 Take some time for yourself. Create a warm & inviting space by lighting some candles, incenses or using an essential oil diffuser. Bring your crystal into this space, especially any that help with manifesting like Citrine, Rose Quartz, Pyrite, Jade, Moonstone and Clear Quartz to amplify. 


Time to mediate. Even 3-5 minutes if your still just getting into this. I use the Calming Lightmeditation on the Calm App as a guide, but there are others. This helps to get centered, in tune with your intuition and what it is you truly want to create. 


Get a note book or dairy, dedicate it to your New Moon practice. Write down all your wishes, desire and intention for the month ahead. Be specific as possible and avoid using the word WANT as you will only be left wanting, said desire. After you have done writing give thanks, give thanks for all that you have & believe that what you desire is already yours.

It’s important to note that sometimes we don’t get what we desire and it could simply be because something better is out there for us. Have faith and remember that what is meant for you will never pass you.

If you’re new to this or a little skeptical start with something small. For example a delicious piece of cake, the best cup of coffee or a fresh bunch of flowers. You could even write money like $10 that comes in an unexpected way.


Last step isn’t essential but I like to add this whenever I have the time or need that extra love. Have a bath if it’s available to you or try a Crystal Bath! (promise to write about this one soon). They’re incredibly soothing, even a shower is just as good. Take this time to reflect what you’ve asked & give thanks for what I have.

Stow away

 Once you are done put the book away and out of sight. Try to resist looking at it over the month. This is an important step in manifesting as obsessing about our desires causes it to resist us. I like to revisit my previous intensions, goals & desires at the start of each New Moon & am often surprised at all the things I’m able to cross off the list. My intention are not always material gains but rather include peace, happiness, health and love.  

I always like a little reminder to ensure I set a bit of time to do my New Moon ritual. A great way to stay on top of the New Moon & Full Moon is through an App or you could look up a moon cycle calendar and make a note of them in your own calendar or planner. Yasmin Boland the author behind Moonology website is also good resource. If you follow my stories I’ll try to remind you on my feed & give you a heads up. It’s not necessary to do one every month, sometime I just don’t feel the need but every now and then I’m drawn to them. It also serves as a little reminder to take some time for yourself and reflect. 

As always I hope you find this information helpful & let me know if you have any questions. 

Alevy x

The Simple Collection

Please take care when using fire, candles and smoke to cleanse your space and that it has been extinguished properly before packing away.

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