Let’s talk about Crystal’s baby!

Just a trend or something more? 

I’m sure by now you would have noticed crystals popping up around you, on your feed, at a friends place or even when you’re out shopping. There is no doubt we are living through a little Crystal boom at the moment. Not only do they look pretty and make beautiful decorative pieces, but the energy in them makes them so much more. 

This exposure to them has naturally made us more curious and aware, leaving us wanting to learn more about how to use them. In this fast-paced world we could all use the support and help they bring.

Crystals aren't new though, far from it, they are a part of the earth that have been used for ages. From jewellery to ancient rituals, holistic practices, good fortune and technology to name a few. They've come in and out of “trend” every decade or so. I'm sure most of us will remember being kids and having our own little gemstone collection or those chakra bracelets from Tree of Life. Through social media and technology, today we have been able to share, learn and find out more about Crystals and how to use them in our lives. 

So over the coming weeks I plan to share more about Crystals for those who are interested. It’s become a real passion of mine to share the energy and power of them with you lovelies. I enjoying searching and handpicking beautiful high vibe pieces for you to bring into your life. If this is not your thing not to worry, I’m still going to be doing my Candles & Jewellery too for my accessory lovers. Maybe even a workshop down the track?

Before I charge into it though, I would really love to hear from you what you would like to know more about Crystals? How to cleanse & charge them? How to program a Crystal? What Crystals you would like more information about? Comment below or if your not keen send me a private message. The more you tell me about what you would like to know about, the better!

Have a fab-you-lous weekend! Don’t forget the Full Moon tonight, see previous blog post on the Magic of the Full Moon. 

With heart x



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  • Nichole

    All of the above – cleansing, charging, programming, what crystals are used for what purposes… consider it a Crystals 101 blog. Thank you!

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