How To Simplify The Lead Up To Christmas

Tips On How To Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!
1. Make A List (Check It Twice!)

Christmas is always a breeze if you get sorted early. Any organised person will tell you it's all about being prepared, I like to think it's all about prioritising tasks - and what better way than a good old fashioned list! There's nothing more satisfying than crossing each task/gift to buy off a long list of things and slowly seeing what was once a daunting endeavour, be whittled down one step at a time!

2. Plan For Disaster!

If you are preparing the central dish of Christmas Day lunch, like the sacred smoked ham or succulent turkey, leave nothing to chance! Perhaps have some test runs in the weeks leading up to Christmas, or plan to make an extremely straight forward version of the thing (there’s no shame in buying premade). A Pavlova for example – a classic Aussie Christmas dessert - can be built upon in an easy way with a pre-bought meringue (available at all Supermarkets) and some fresh cream and pre-sliced summer fruits on top! 

 3. Back Yourself!

There’s nothing more awkward than getting a gift you don’t expect…I mean it’s lovely and thoughtful, but not when you feel guilty for not having one to exchange in return! I always like to buy some back up gifts for those emergency moments. An unexpected gift from a friend or a colleague, those family friends drop by with chocolates for you or there's an unexpected staff KK organised 2 days before the end of year wrap up! Some extra boxes of shortbread, bottles of wine or trinkets can take the pressure off a bit.

4. Don't Over Complicate It!

If you are hosting any of the Christmas meals/events (breakfast, lunch or dinner) remember to keep it simple! If you can outsource tasks and courses to family members do so! Got a pastry chef in the family – put them on dessert duty! Don’t try to run yourself ragged trying to compete or feel like just because you offered your table up that all falls on your shoulders.

5. ‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly!

And last but certainly not least – enjoy yourself! You’ve hopefully made it through another hectic year with good friends and family beside you. Take a moment to be grateful for the blessings of the year gone by, and the one around the corner. Remember those doing it tougher than you as well at this time of year. Donating to a wishing tree or volunteering for a local shelter might be a way to give back to the community. We often get so wrapped up (excuse the pun) in the madness, that we rarely reflect on others. And lastly enjoy this magical time of year with loved ones! xx

Wishing you all the happiness this holiday season! TSC 

Photo by Rennai Hoefer, decorated by TomKat Studio

Written by Tania x

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