I love wintertime! Being a natural homebody I happily anticipate the season of ugg boots, hot chocolate, crackling fires, red wine, good books, nights in with friends playing boardgames - what's not to love?

So cosy up with a seasonal TSC candle - I highly recommend Fig Tree or Japanese Honeysuckle - and let's get into some Simple ways to unwind and stay warm this frosty season: 

1. Comfort Is Key:

With the cooler weather setting in, nights on the couch are more of a likelihood to most of us. Creating a cosy environment using textures like flannel, wool and fleece blankets, socks and jumpers is essential. Herbal teas, soups and stews are also great comfort foods to keep your insides warm, or perhaps an indulgent bubble bath with some chill out sounds to unwind at the end of the work week.

2. Huddle Formation:

Got your trackies on, your uggs, your hot water bottle.... check, check, check! A great way to keep toasty is of course to snuggle up – be it with your partner, your pet, your reluctant housemates – sharing body heat is one of the most enjoyable and ancient ways to stay cosy!

3. Indulge Yourself A Little:

Wintertime equals rich foods, sweet treats and quality cocktails. When the cold drives us indoors, it's only fitting we foodies savour the decadent indulgences of wonderful comfort food – Homemade soups, Guinness pie, Stews, freshly made pappardelle with ragu...mmm, getting hungry just reading this? Whether you're heading to the pub on a Sunday or cooking up a storm at home, treat yourself a little. Perhaps use this time of year to brush up on your culinary skills and host a dinner party with friends. 

4. Join The Club:

Keeping social and active is important all year round, but the latter is sometimes trickier in winter. Joining a social sporting club can be a great motivator to kill two birds. Sports like Oztag, Indoor Soccer (Futsal) and Netball have mixed comps open over the winter months. Alternatively, you can organise weekly activities with friends, be it a bike ride, jog or just walking the dog. 

5. Catch Some Rays:

Those few hours of winter sun are precious each day, and oh so lovely. It's more likely for us to suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency in the colder months, so take advantage of the daylight and plan outdoor activities. Take lunchtime walks away from the office, plan a picnic by the beach (rugged up of course), or a short road trip down the coast with friends. The winter is a gorgeous time of year and we're lucky enough in Australia to have those milder days here and there to make it easier for those of us just counting down to the summer sun.

Here's to a grand time indoors and out this season! 

Stay toasty warm!

Much love, TSC team x

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