Stilbite Cluster
Stilbite Cluster
Stilbite Cluster
Stilbite Cluster

Stilbite Cluster

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Soft, gentle and loving, Stilbite exhibits a wonderful spiritual and positive energy that can bring clarity to our life purpose.

It can be used to attract prosperity and increase wealth and abundance. It can also be beneficial for meditation due to its calming energy it is a less forceful than others crystals. It is a great guidance tool and can help us during meditation to discover the next step we need to take in life.

If you are into manifesting then Stilbite is one of the best stones for advancing your manifestation practice.

Having trouble sleeping, place a piece of Stilbite next to your bed. It will help clear the mind of anxiety. The energy of Stilbite will permeate in whichever environment you place it in, soothing the mind and bringing peace and relaxation. 

Stilbite Properties

  • Deep Soul Healing
  • Creative Stone
  • Loving & Supportive
  • Guidance & Direction
  • Promotes Peaceful Sleep
  • Manifestation
  • Brings Clarity 

Zodiac Sign: Aries
Primary Chakra: The Heart

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