Selenite Bowl
Selenite Bowl

Selenite Bowl

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High Quality & Thick base Bowls. 

Selenite has a beautiful moon-like glow, which is little wonder why it is named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selene. Another wondrous Crystal, Selenite is great for cleansing, a protection crystal and removes as well as blocks negative energy. These make great gifts for new homes/housewarming.

This is the perfect addition for crystal lover who want to add a little Selenite into their lives. Not only does it make a lovely trinket dish it also cleanses Crystal and Jewellery.

Selenite Crystals can also be used in meditation, holding the crystal can relieve any stress or anxiety you may be feeling. Helps bring deep peace and calm and is said promotes restful sleep. It is common to have a piece in the bedroom or in each corner of your home to clear & block negativity and protection. As Selenite does not absorb or retain negative energies it does not have to cleansed. They can also be used to cleanse other crystals by placing them on or close to the crystals for a few hours.

Details: These bowls are slightly bigger and have a thick and solid feel to them. Approx. 9.5cm - 10cm (D) x 4cm (H)

Tumbled Stone Crystals not included.

Note: As this product is made of 100% Natural Selenite each piece has natural formation and imperfections due to the nature of the material making each bowl unique and different. Some may vary from the image but are each equally beautiful. It is also important to keep your selenite crystals away from water.

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