Russian Amazonite - Palmstones

Russian Amazonite - Palmstones

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Russian Amazonite - Beautiful turquoise Amazonite with Smoky Quartz & some have specks of Lepidolite. 💜

A wonderful manifestion tool. Known as the stone of hope, Amazonite is a beautiful addition to any collection. Another good luck charm, it’s calming, soothing and a welcome gift to any meditation practice & calling in desires. 

  • Soothing
  • Playful 
  • Good Luck 
  • Protection against electromagnetic smog
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Optimism
  • releases toxic emotions 
  • heart chakra 

You will receive one piece similar to those pictured.

Hand picked for its beauty and energy. You will receive the piece pictured. Please note colours may vary slightly  ✨


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