Rainbow Moonstone Rough
Rainbow Moonstone Rough

Rainbow Moonstone Rough

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Rainbow Moonstone is a beautiful creamy white stone with specks of blue sheen to it. 

This Divine feminine beauty holds a lot power that will help us unleash the goddess energy in us. Carries vibrations of light and spiritual healing reminding us that we are all one. It is strongly connected with the feminine Cycle. 

Use Moonstone as part of your manifestation rituals to enhances your manifesting. 


  • Manifesting
  • Feminine Energy
  • New beginnings 
  • Intuition
  • Moon Cycle
  • Inspiration

If you're a Moon person then Moonstone is a must have in your collection. 

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

One chunk stone will be intuitively picked for you. These have been cleansed and charged.

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