Rainbow Fluorite - XL Point
Rainbow Fluorite - XL Point

Rainbow Fluorite - XL Point

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Rainbow Fluorite is another must have in your collection. This multifaceted coloured crystal can come in various hues of green, purple, blue and white. Another real natural beauty that isn’t enhanced.

Known as the 'genius stone', Rainbow Fluorite is a crystal of focus, clear-thinking, creativity and inspiration. It breakthroughs blockages and absorbs negative energy. It is a great study, work and productivity crystal as it clears mental fog and keeps you focused on the task and organised. It can be helpful for inspiring new ideas as well.

It also cleanses and stabilises the aura, absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stress, especially computer & electromagnetic stress.

As a healing stone this is a great anti-inflammatory crystal as it assists with decreasing inflammation in the body and mind. It can also be used to assist with getting over a cold. If you haven't tried a crystal bath then you should consider doing one with Fluorite as it can help relieve body aches.


Approx.  17.5cm

Each crystal has been hand picked with love & light and is cleansed & charged before being sent out.