Pink Halite Cluster

Pink Halite Cluster

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Don’t get me wet please! 💦

Salty Goddess beauty ✨ 

Origin: Searles Lake - Trona, California

Mohs Hardness Sale of 2 - 2.5

Rare: These beauties are mined once a year so once they’re gone you may have to wait awhile until they’re back  

The beautiful, all natural, ombré shades of pink and unique formations of this Salt Crystal are just mesmerizing. It’s hard not to fall in love with gentle, calming, cleansing and healing crystal. A wonderful addition to you meditation practice to release emotional but I wouldn’t handle her too much as she can be delicate and crumble. 

It is important to note lovelies that the gorgeous Pink Halite (sodium chlorite (salt)) mineral is delicate and can be occasionally stinky if left in humid areas. Please keep these beauties away from water and humidity as they will dissolve! But take care of her and she will last a lifetime.

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