Money Bowl Spell Kit
Money Bowl Spell Kit

Money Bowl Spell Kit

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Money Flow, Money Grow 

I’ve put together a Money Bowl kit for you to bring prosperity and the flow of abundance into your life all year round. ✨

You will receive the supplies and tool required to craft you money bowl & some instructions. However please note your craft is your own and I do encourage you to add your own elements to it. If something doesn’t feel right then don’t add it or add whatever additional bits you wish.

The tools provided are in correspondence with the good fortune, money, prosperity and abundance. 

You will be required to add pieces to your bowl that aren’t in this kit. For example money, coins, petition paper. I will also provide a small list of other items that could be added to your bowl. 

I have a limited number of clay bowls that are designed for you to decorate with or alternatively if you already have a beautiful bowl in mind then purchase one of the kits without the bowl. 

Money bowls are designed to be kept year round and fed as you go. So you can top up your bowl with sprinkles of the supplies I’ve provided but there are so many more that can be added too. Just like the flow of money you want to keep adding and taking as you go throughout. 


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