Limited Edition Confetti - 1 scoop left

Limited Edition Confetti - 1 scoop left

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Our Limited Edition Confetti is a small Abalone Shell size scoop. These scoops are a little smaller than our regular confetti scoop (1/4 cup) because it has less mix gemstone chips and more premium pieces. 

This batch includes:

  • Moon Carvings 
  • Star Carvings 
  • Crystal mini’s 
  • Mini Mushroom Carvings 
  • Mini Turtle Carvings 
  • Pebbled Bracelets
  • Malachite & Rhodochrosite Gemstone Bracelets
  • A grade Amethyst Flat Stones 
  • Moon & Star Earrings (925 Sterling Silver & Rose Gold Plated)
  • Crystal Heart Carvings - Rose Quartz, Black Obsidian 
  • Rose Quartz Aura Hearts
  • Rose Quartz Aura Tumbled Stones 
  • Amazonite Tumbled Stones
  • Pink Tourmaline Tumbled Stones 
  • Mini Crystal Body Carving (only 4 pieces in this batch)
  • Adjustable Amethyst Rings 

Please note each scoop is randomly selected we cannot guarantee any certain pieces. 

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