Snow Quartz Cluster - A

Snow Quartz Cluster - A

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Filled with magic and wonder this breathtakingly beautiful Clear Quartz, Snow Quartz Cluster is not only mesmerizing but has all the good vibes.

It is the perfect piece to have displayed in your home not only for is stunning appeal as a decorative piece but having it in your environment helps dispel negative emotions and thoughts. It converts negative energy into positive.

This sparkly beauty will help active the crown chakra and heighten your intuition. It will assist with connecting you with your spirit guides, Angels and higher self but also provide you more clarity on the messages being delivered to you. This piece is a real treat and should be taken care of.

Healing wise, Snow Quartz can be beneficial to the immune system and clearing infections. It also can give you stamina and strength. It much gentler than Clear Quartz but still a powerful tool.

Snow Quartz Properties

- Calming and Peaceful
- Positive Vibes
- Provides a Childlike Outlook 
- New Perspectives
- Enhances clarity & concentration

Approx. 18.1 cm x 12.1 cm x 3.8 cm 110grams

Each crystal has been handpicked by myself with love & light and is cleansed and charged before being sent out.

The A or B does not stand for a grade of crystal but as a reference.