Crystal Set - Mercury Retro Basic Set

Crystal Set - Mercury Retro Basic Set

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Mercury Retrograde can energetically effect the best of us, be it through communications, technology, memory loss or other adverse effects. It can be a period of frustration and chaos but it doesn't always have to be this way. With a good pinch of patience, time and reflection you can get through this 3 week period with a little more breeze. 

I've curated a little Basic Crystal Set that you can carry with you during this time for support. 

1x Rainbow Fluorite - Focus, Clarity, Clears & Purifies the mind, Peace & Harmony 

1x Blue Lace Agate - Calming, Speak your Truth, aids with  Communicating Clearly

1x Black Tourmaline - Protection, grounding, aids with Anxiety & Stress, neutralizes electromagnetic smog

Hand picked, cleansed, charged and ready to go. If you are using or carrying this set with you, I do suggest you give them a weekly cleanse.



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