Congo Citrine Cluster

Congo Citrine Cluster

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Genuine natural Citrine, is hard to come by, this untreated piece has been ethically mined from the Congo, Africa and is naturally formed by Mother Nature.

Abundance, light, creativity, happiness, energy and cleansing. Citrine is the ultimate manifesting crystal in turning dreams into reality. It is also known for its sunny, uplifting and happy stone. Citrine is one of those must haves in your collection. 

Citrine is most commonly known as the merchant stone and is said to be lucky for business as it will manifest success & abundance in life. It is great for attracting wealth, prosperity & all the good things life has to offer, place this in your office or home to bring in abundance. You can also carry a small piece with you, tumbled stones or bracelets are a great option. 

Chakra: Sacral + Solar Plexus

Details: Most of these pieces do have small chips but the cluster formation is a beauty and it’s magic is powerful. 

You will notice the difference working with True Natural Citrine. Add this to your next Manifesting Ritual. 

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