Gemstone Bracelet - Citrine
Gemstone Bracelet - Citrine

Gemstone Bracelet - Citrine

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Citrine Chip stretch bracelet, comes in a organza bag with card about the crystal/stone meaning.

Commonly known as the Merchant Stone, Citrine is often used to attract abundance, bring in wealth but also keep it. It also absorbs negative energy, promotes inner calm and helps with emotional balance. Citrine is a great stone to wear, so it's always good to have it with you but also is recommend to place some in areas that bring you wealth.

Approx. Fits 18.5cm or 7"
One size fits most but custom sizing is available. Please specify at checkout.

Please note as this is a natural product each bracelet is handmade by me and is unique in design and may vary from picture. 

Note: Please take care with these bracelets, they are natural gemstones so if dropped on hard surfaces it could shatter some gems.