Black Lava Salt - Protection
Black Lava Salt - Protection
Black Lava Salt - Protection

Black Lava Salt - Protection

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Known for its highly protective properties 

Whether you are new, experienced, curious or just want to get creative with some DIY projects I will be sharing with you some basic tools and herbs for your own journey. 

Hawaiian Black Lava Salt blended with Charcoal 

  • Protection
  • Cleansing
  • Purification 
  • Grounding 
  • Divination
  • Banishing 

Kraft Bag - approx. 80grams 

How to use them 

  • Great for cleansing and protection especially for those who cannot use smoke cleanses - place a small bowl of salt by the window (change whenever you feel the energy is stagnant or needs uplifting)
  • Used in a protection bath ritual  (do research please note these can be very heavy and only recommended when you need extra)
  • Bless and set intention for your salt & place in each corner of the room for protection 
  • Use in spell work 
  • Add to spell Jars (protection, banishing, deflecting) 
  • Place in a sachet near the bed to ward of bad dreams
  • Long standing traditions say a sprinkle of black salts and iron by the door ward of negative energies  
  • Place in a small dish when doing Divination works
  • Add them to a small trinket bowl on your Altar 

Lovelies please note you can also make your own black salt too! Always use what is accessible to you and practice from your higher self and highest good of all. 🌜✨ These are all put together in a cleansed, harmonious and grounded space.

As with anything new, I encourage you to do your own research too lovelies. Knowledge is power. Xx

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