Aera Crystal Bottle - Amethyst / Clear Quartz / Rose Quartz
Aera Crystal Bottle - Amethyst / Clear Quartz / Rose Quartz
Aera Crystal Bottle - Amethyst / Clear Quartz / Rose Quartz
Aera Crystal Bottle - Amethyst / Clear Quartz / Rose Quartz

Aera Crystal Bottle - Amethyst / Clear Quartz / Rose Quartz

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Over the Moon to be stocking the gorgeous Aera Crystal Water Bottles that have just recently launched! For all the Crystal loves, these are a perfect addition to your collection but also a greta way to incorporate Crystals into your everyday Self Care practice. Plus for every bottle sold One Tree is Planted on your behalf.

Meet Aera Bottle™, a luxurious drinking experience where beauty meets function. Use Aera Bottle™ within your daily self care ritual to experience crystal energies and vibrations wherever you go and whenever you hydrate. Our bottle infuses your daily water consumption with it's specific crystal's energy which, depending on the crystal, can be used to unblock lingering negative energy, activate under-active chakras, and ultimately restore the body and mind to whole spiritual wellbeing. 

Whether you want to deepen your meditation practice, use the crystal's energy to help with manifestation of a certain goal, or simply destress and become more present while nourishing your body, Aera Bottle™ gives you a convenient way to stay hydrated while supporting your personal spiritual wellness. 

Why Aera Bottle is Different

  • Included Aera Luxe Carry Handle™ that matches the colour of your crystal to make your bottle even more beautiful and IG friendly.
  • The perfect size. Holds 10% more water than other crystal infusion bottles so you don't have to refill as often.  
  • Mother Earth benefits too. With your purchase we donate a portion of profits to the charity, One Tree Planted, to plant a tree for every bottle sold. It's simple,1 bottle = 1 tree. 
  • Made from glass and stainless steel, 100% BPA free and reusable.  
  • Deeper meditation experience with Aera symbolism representative of the trinity between body, mind and soul, and the 7 chakras. 
  • FREE insulation sleeve to keep your Aera Bottle cooler for longer. 



Finish off a long day and throw away the negative energy by meditating with an amethyst stone, or simply just keeping it by your side. The amethyst stone aids to promote a calm and balanced state, while enhancing your creative side and helping you get in touch with your intuitions. 

Erase the stresses of everyday life and open up your mind to a more loving and calming energy. The amethyst stone also works alongside your third eye chakra to help you work through problems and anything causing your distress.

  • Calms the mind, body and soul to help prevent burnout, anxiety, & stress
  • Allow you to be more in touch with your intuitions and what truly makes you happy and energises your soul
  • Put an amethyst crystal beside your bed for a rejuvenating night's sleep
  • Use it to enhance your creative passions




It is said that when an individual is ready and willing to receive, a clear quartz can help to open the mind to a higher power or guidance. The clear quartz aids in fulfilment of one’s most sacred intentions, resonating with the owner on a deeper level.

This allows the individual to strongly manifest their truest desires. Bring your Clear Quartz Aera Energy Elixir Bottle everywhere to build a stronger connection between you and the universe.

  • Encourages clarity of thought and purpose
  • Manifestation of dreams and goals
  • Helps to establish a strong and clear connection to a higher guidance
  • Creates a powerful resonance to all chakras




The rose quartz represents unconditional love, self-love, and compassion. It helps to reawaken the heart to receiving love from others, from yourself, while speaking directly to the Heart Chakra.

Bring your Rose Quartz Aera Energy Elixir Bottle everywhere with you to allow your heart to be open to love, and contentment while banishing emotional fears and resentments.

  • Attract love
  • Strengthen existing relationships
  • Open your heart and open communication channels
  • Works with the heart chakra to strengthen your connection to the divine 
  • Dampener of unwanted energy 

Please note our crystals are naturally extracted from the Earth and may vary in colour, shape, and size. 

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